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Mother Gothel

"Skip the drama, stay with mama. Mother knows best."

Megan Elise Carter

Specializes in: Batgirl, Catwoman, Cruella Deville, Drizella (Cinderella Step-Sister), Mother Gothel, The Evil Queen.

Megan Elise Carter is a Dance Management major at Oklahoma City University. She is so excited to join Forever After Parties! Megan has been singing and acting since she was 7 years old and dancing since she was 8! Her favorite roles include Aquata in The Little Mermaid Jr, Anastasia in Cinderella, and Sharpay Evans in High School Musical. In high school, Megan taught dance classes for ages 2-12 at her studio, and she still returns to teach master classes during school breaks! She also volunteered to teach Sunday School and drama camp for elementary students. Megan also volunteers with her sorority to raise money for the YWCA of Oklahoma City. When she was a little girl, Megan liked to play Ariel and sing Part of Your World on the slide in her kiddie pool. Her mom even made her a tail to swim in! Megan is a National Merit Scholar and was recently voted “Most Likely to Burst into Song” by her sisters. She also won several platinum and first place awards, as well as judge’s choice awards for technique and performance, back in her dance competition days in high school. When she’s not performing, Megan loves swimming, sewing, painting, and going to the zoo! She also loves having chick flick nights with her friends and baking the cookies that actually make it into the oven.

Regan Schreier

Specializes in: Anastasia (Cinderella Step-Sister), Mother Gothel

Regan is only wicked in costume! Having gained her musical theatre degree from UCO , she is currently the assistant to the director of the School of Art and Art History at OU. She also handles PR and events for the school. Regan has been performing since she was two…and there are videos to prove it! Her family figured out very quickly that she had a passion for being on a stage, and well, that’s never changed! Some of her favorite shows credits include, Into the Woods (Cinderella) and Home for the Holidays, at the Sooner Theatre. Besides performing on stage, Regan sings in a few bands around Norman and OKC, and spent almost 4 years working on a cruise ship as featured Vocalist. She worked as a vocal coach for a time, and recently started assisting with the music at the Sooner Theatre, with their charity event, Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, and with The Sooner Academy. As a child, Regan recalls pretending to be to Ariel when swimming, and just like Ariel, Regan is a bit of a daredevil, herself. Having been skydiving, cliff diving, and climbed to the top of the a few different mountains in Norway, she’s always up for a new adventure! She loves hiking through the outdoors and could spend the whole day just wandering around with a camera. Belle was another favorite character of Regan’s. Being an avid reader, Regan loved thinking about going to the places that she read about in her books, and now, as an adult, she has had the privilege of seeing some of those amazing places! Regan loves to travel! Learning about new places and new cultures amazes her! She hopes and plans to continue her traveling adventures as long has her feet can carry her. Regan shared with us, “I hope someday to be a mom, because I love children! My two nephews are the lights of my life and they make me smile no matter what. I also hope that I will be able to continue entertaining people for the rest of my life. It’s what I’ve always loved and it gives me so much joy. I can’t wait to help make lasting memories with Forever After Parties!”

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