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Prince Naveen

"I finally figured out what is wrong with you. You do not know how to have FUN."

Emmett Prince

Specializes in: Dance Captain, Finn (Star Wars), Prince Naveen (Tiana's Prince), & Spiderman

Gabe Morales

Specializes in: Aladdin, Prince Naveen (Tiana's Prince), Spiderman

Maurice Quintel

Specializes in: Finn (Star Wars), Prince Naveen (Tiana's Prince), Spiderman

Maurice has loved to perform since he could basically walk and talk. Growing up, he would often have impromptu concerts for his family, classmates or friends in the neighborhood. When it comes to Disney, his imagination would often soar like he really was the character he was seeing whether that is shooting webs from his hand like Spider-Man or flying and beating up bad guys like Falcon or using the Force for good like Finn. Along with that imagination, Maurice is a graduate of Harding Fine Arts Academy with a passion for music theatre. Some of his favorite past credits include Timon and Dr. Facilier in DISNEY MAGIC; Nana, The Crocodile and a Pirate in PETER PAN or Gilbert in HAIRSPRAY. Maurice would love to thank his friends, friends who became family, his own family, and anyone who has ever believed in him and his dreams. His favorite quote from Disney is "Off to Neverland... where adventure is around every corner."

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