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Tinker Bell

"All you need is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixy dust!"

Hannah Hunt

Specializes in Anna, Cinderella, Elf, Giselle, Hermione, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell

Jillian Ferguson

Specializes in: Alice, Anna, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell

Jillian has been performing all her life. She started dance at the age of 3 and performed her first musical at the age of 5 as little Gretel in The Sound of Music. She has also been Alice in Alice and Wonderland, Cinderella in Cinderella, Rapunzel in Disney Magic, Arista in The Little Mermaid, dance ensemble in Hairspray and Carousel and much more. In her spare time she loves to hang out with her 5 younger sisters, perform at Poteet Theatre and play soccer and guitar. Jillian also teaches dance at Range of Motion and leads worship and small group at her church. She loves going on mission trips weather it is out of state or at the food bank here in OKC. She likes to run in the Run or Dye, Mud run, and OKC Memorial marathon with her mom. Jillian is super excited to join Forever After Parties! “My favorite princess when I was younger was Ariel and anytime I’d go swimming I would pretend to have mermaid fins and talk to my fish friends (because fish are friends NOT food!) Even now I still dream it! Like Rapunzel, I love to style my hair in braids, hang floating lanterns in my room and going on great adventures. My dream of becoming a princess has finally come true! Someday I would like to perform on Broadway, become a country singer, and live in Disney World!”

Zoe Mack

Specializes in Anna, Rapunzel, Santa's Elf, Tinker Bell

Zoe recently married her prince charming and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Strategic Communications. Children have always made a huge impact on Zoe's life, whether through being a gymnastics coach, nanny, or time spent volunteering for organizations within the special needs community. Zoe has worked with children of all ages and is great at entertaining large groups or one-on-one interactions. Music theatre and working at Forever After for over 5 years has given Zoe the background needed to make your child's day magical! Her zealous personality shines through each character she portrays!

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