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Customer Reviews

We know that you have many different party & event choices available; therefore we strive to accommodate with an unforgettable experience. We greatly value the insight of our clients and believe the best example of our quality is through those that have experienced the Forever After difference.

"Ariel and her helper were amazing for my daughter's, Little Mermaid Party! She was so good with all of the little girls and they are still talking about the party months later! She and her helper were very organized and helped the party flow very smoothly. I would definitely recommend Forever After for any princess party! They are extremely professional and so helpful. We will definitely be using them again!"

Rachel sherwin cole

"They were amazing!!! We couldn't be happier. We had Jasmine and Ariel -- we had them autograph place mats for our guest -- their autographs were perfect, their singing was amazing, they were great!! All the girls were just in awe!! It was so personal!! Thank you!! I hope they want Princesses for their next party bc I am looking forward to it!"

Celena Goodger

"Me and my kiddos attended a party yesterday that had 4 of your characters there; Captain America, Spiderman, Thor and Wolverine. They did an absolute amazing job..never broke character with the kids. My daughter's fave character was spiderman.. I give this company an A..."

Jeff & Lottie Lewis

"Forever After Parties came to an event put on by Children's Miracle Network for patients in the hospital. They were absolutely amazing! They were wonderful with all of the kids and we could not have asked for a better group of people! They are truly devoted to what they do and very professional! I would highly recommend this company and I know Children's Miracle Network will be wanting to use them in the future!"

Children's Miracle network

"Claudia was FANTASTIC as Elsa. She entertained 16 2nd grade girls for 2 hours much to the utter astonishment of all the parents in attendance. She WAS Elsa, down to each little hand gesture and mannerisms. She had answers for all of their questions about making snow and what Olaf and Anna had been doing lately. Furthermore, my twins' actual favorite Disney Princesses are Belle and Jasmine (but since I couldn't favor one over another, they compromised and agreed on Elsa), and Claudia had Belle and Jasmine RECORD a special birthday message for my twins, which we played on the TV, and all of the girls at the party were amazed! My daughter said, "Wow, I really think all of those princesses really do care about me." Brought tears to my eyes!! Fantastic birthday party!!!"

shana elliot

"We just wanted to give Forever After Parties a shout out for making so many little girls dreams come true at Sunday's Peace Love & Goodwill Festival! We are busy planning our next Once Upon a Princess events! Follow us so you won't miss getting tickets!! #‎peacelovegoodwill"

Goodwill of Oklahoma

"Rapunzel came to help us celebrate my daughter's 5th birthday this past Saturday. She was amazing! She stayed in character the entire time and the children loved her! The assistant was great to see how we wanted things done and keep the party moving. I received so many compliments on what a great party it was and what an awesome job Rapunzel did! Thank you SO much! What an awesome experience!"

jenni hoban

"Had a great Batman party for my son. He was very good with the kids and kept them entertained for the entire 1.5 hours. Everything was planned and they completely ran the party. Such a relief with 20 kids in your house. Thanks very much and I highly recommend this company!"

nicole arrington

"We had an Elsa and Anna frozen themed party Yesterday for my daughter. These ladies were spectacular and amazing. All any of the kids and parents can say is how real they seemed they stayed in character the whole time. They were amazing. Its worth every penny. I cant wait to see what else I can do! Excited thank you so very much!!! You have no idea how much you made my little girls birthday so much more special!"

bettie waggoner